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I’m ready to order, where do I go to pay?

Great! You can go here to my custom video order page on Manyvids.

You can also order customs on IWantClips, or send via a tip on my Onlyfans.  You can now pay for my customs via a tip on Loyalfans as well. Manyvids is my preferred site for custom video orders.

The great thing about ordering from sites like Manyvids or IWantClips is that they use an escrow system. This means that they hold the funds until the custom is delivered, so you don’t have to worry about models running off with the money or you paying and the performer taking months to deliver the custom. 

Can I pay another way? Like with a Giftrocket, Google Wallet, Cashapp, Venmo etc?

I’m afraid not, as those forms of payment are against their Terms of Service or are not safe for sex workers. I rarely have customers who have trouble with my sites. Otherwise, you might want to check the balance on your credit card, or consider getting a prepaid credit card for privacy.

Note: I do sometimes accept gift cards in lieu of payment as a last resort. I vastly prefer actual money to use how I see fit, to pay bills, taxes, and so on. But I know that for some, paying via my payment processors just doesn’t work. Email me to arrange something.

How much do they cost? Is there a minimum length required?

My current base rate is $13/min.  The minimum length for simple videos is 5 minutes, but. my OF subscribers can tip/tribute for shorter iPhone customs. Complex roleplay scenes (requiring moderate to extensive scripting, memorization of multiple lines, outfit changes, multiple camera angles or sets etc) are 10 minutes minimum and come at a premium varying from 25% extra and up, at my discretion.  Due to inflation, my custom video rate will go up by $1+ in 2025. 

Why are customs so expensive? How come after I pay $13/min for my custom, you can resell it in your store for a fraction of the total price?

When you commission a custom, the time and energy involved in producing your fantasy is probably much more than you would guess. It often takes me hours and hours just to set up, plan, execute and edit your custom.  The value of my time and expertise is more than minimum wage, and I keep the cost of custom-made content low by resale. That is why exclusive or private customs cost more. Keep in mind that you can buy customs commissioned by others too! If keeping a custom private is important to you, consider paying the higher price for one. Many guys love to share their fantasy with other fetishists and enjoy finding out if it turns out to be popular.

How much does it cost if I want my name used in a non-exclusive video?

*Update* currently this add on is free!

Currently, it is a flat rate of an additional $25 per 10 min or less. This is the same price for including your photos or someone else’s name. The cost reflects the fact that I will have to edit out or perhaps blur the personalization to use the video in my store later.

I would like a custom video private or exclusive only to me. How much is the cost?

Currently exclusive videos are at an additional cost of $299 per clip, no matter the length, and can include your name or other personalization, of course (at no additional cost).

Can you produce content for other sites, for me to share or resale? Can I shoot a video with you?

I don’t allow file sharing of my content, ever. I retain copyright on my material even for private/exclusive customs that will never see the light of day. I may consider producing content for your site or clipstore, but it would be at a premium. You can email me with inquiries, but I only produce my own content or do trades with other models, I don’t meet with clients or producers for hired shoots.

Can you shoot with a guy? Or a girl? How much extra does that cost?

I currently have a thin, tall boyfriend available for shooting, but he would have to appear masked. He is available for POV sex, some roleplay, some BDSM as a top or bottom, ask me! Rates depend on what you are looking for. The added fee is $100 per video or more, and it requires a 10 minute minimum order.

I sometimes have a female model at my disposal, you can inquire.  The cost is about double the normal base rate, or $25/min for most 2 girl shoots, this depends on the model and their normal rates, however.

How long does it take for delivery?

Typically, I deliver my customs in 2-3 weeks, but at times, my life is busier or I have a longer backlog of customs, and it can take longer, sometimes up to 4 weeks so it is best to inquire before you purchase should this be a concern. You can pay extra (fees described on the site order page) to be bumped to the front of the queue, for 3 day, 1 week or two week delivery guaranteed. 

What format are your videos in?

I deliver my videos in mp4 at 1080p (HD) unless otherwise requested. I can now shoot in 4K with my iPhone 15.

How are the videos delivered?

By an email download link if you order from me directly or the funds are held in escrow by the clip site, delivered there, and you will only be charged once the video is delivered.

Can I request a certain outfit, makeup, hair, or nail look for my custom?

Absolutely. The best thing is to look at my current videos in my clipstores to see what is available, and if you don’t see what you want, ask me. I’m always happy to tailor my look for your custom if possible. If you require an outfit, prop or look that is going to cost me an unusual amount of time or any money at all, you will have to pay for it in advance however. My hair is currently blonde and I have wigs in a variety of colours.

Can I have you add something to your Amazon wishlist or send you something to wear or use?

I don’t have a public Amazon wishlist, but you can send me an or (preferred as I’m Canadian) giftcard to buy your requested item. Contact me first though to see if it will work, and to take shipping costs into consideration. I don’t accept sent gifts, sorry.  If you send the funds I would be happy to use or wear what you like if we discuss it first!

Why did your cost of customs go up?

I’ve had the same custom video rate for many, many years. Inflation means that everything costs more, and so my bills and costs have gone up just as yours probably have. My production values and expenses have done nothing but go up, so my new rate reflects that.  I have new LED lights, a studio to work from with varied sets, a constantly updated wardrobe, a top of the line DSLR camera that shoots crystal clear HD video and a great sound system, as well expertise performing since 2002.  With me, you get what you pay for, and then some! I put a lot of effort, time, and care into making your dream come true. 

Have another question I didn’t answer here? Feel free to email me at sophiasylvan at gmail dot com!

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