Custom Video Sale!

*Update: the sale on name use and personalization is ongoing! Subject to certain limitations, in cases of excess name use or personalization that makes editing very time consuming, are not included*

I rarely offer sales on my custom videos, and right now I’m offering one for the month of April. “Say my name”, and other personalization is free for all custom videos and custom mp3s. I can say your name, or another person’s, or include photos or other personal touches at no extra cost. Some limitations apply (if the whole video would not be resellable due to excess personalization). I always edit out personalization from my final releases. Custom videos are kept low-cost compared to the time and energy they take to produce, because of how I can resell them after a few weeks. You can always order an exclusive video if you must have yours private! Many of the videos you see and enjoy in my stores are customs. I love making customs, let’s get personal!

Read my custom video FAQ here

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blonde BBW in a black dress, stockings and heels in bed, smiling with red lipstick