General FAQ

As someone who’s been in the sex industry for many years, I get certain questions a lot! Don’t be shy to write to me with your questions, but check my FAQ first to save us both some time.

Do you make custom videos?

~Yes I do! Check out my custom video order page or read my custom video FAQ.

Can I meet you? Or do a session?

I don’t meet fans and I don’t do sessions, no exceptions or amount of money will change my mind. Good luck in your search and I hope you continue to enjoy me digitally!

Why don’t you do meetups or sessions?

I value my safety, privacy, and security over money. I feel a lot better doing online sex work only and this has been my preferred medium for 17 years.

What are your limits?

Right now I’m not shooting with others, we are in a pandemic.  My limits are no scat, no farting, no animals, no age play that involves discussing minors that aren’t you and me pretending, no puke, no public exposure besides outdoors on my land or in the woods. I’m sure I have other limits, but try me!  I’ll talk about almost anything except abusing innocents who are not party to consent.

Do you perform my fetish?

My best suggestion is to browse my clipstores and use the search function or category search to see if I already have. As long as it isn’t within my limits, I just might perform yours for a custom video. Feel free to ask.

Can I get a camshow?

I’m not currently offering live cam shows or phone sessions, but that may change soon, my internet and phone situations aren’t ideal as I live in the country with satellite internet and my phone loses its signal a lot.

Why don’t you do ______ [insert your favourite fetish here] anymore?

I prefer to focus my efforts on fetishes that I enjoy or that I’m curious about. I follow my passions and I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to do it just for the money!

Oh hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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12 Replies to “General FAQ”

  1. Do you still allow membership to view your camshow archive? I subscribed to vilehabit just for that.

    1. I’m afraid that is all over. There are camshow clips still available in my clipstores though.

  2. Some of the content you no longer produce still interests me. Is it still available somewhere to purchase, even if you have retired making new clips pertaining to a specific fetish?

    1. If I removed it it is because I no longer wish for it to be on the internet.

  3. Hello Mistress Sophia, i’m a big fan of you since 2012. i love your body and fantaisies. i want to ask a question please. i would like to see your camshow archives but apparently your website has been erased. i want to see especially your vampire session. thank you Mistress for your job. bye.

    1. Yeah, sorry but I don’t have access to that anymore since I closed the membership portion of Vile Habit. End of an era. There are camshow replays in my clipstores though, but I don’t think more than one vampire session remains ;(

  4. I had paid for a video in the past, of a fetish you’ve since deleted. I’ve lost the video on an old laptop that’s no longer functioning and Im unable to access the video again. Is there anyway I am able to obtain what I’ve paid for?

    1. I deleted all that content from my hard drives as well. Maybe take your laptop in for document retrieval, sometimes that works.

      1. Fair enough to no longer participate in a fetish but that’s kind of ripping people off considering it’s on an online storing stating opportunity for redownload.

  5. Bonjour Miss Sylvan! i hope this question is not too silly : } I’m wondering what is your preferred way to receive tributes at the moment? Thank You! : )

    1. Hi there, any of my sites that you use you can tip on, and it is welcome. Amazon gift cards are particularly nice as I am enjoying reading a lot of books lately. You can send gift cards to my email. Thank you! [email protected]

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