Save on Customs With Manyvids!

Manyvids is offering a discount on custom videos–off their cut only–so I get paid my same rate as usual. This is a three day flash sale, so get your inquiries in quickly!

Manyvids Custom Video Sale

The sale is 10% off, and I never discount my customs anymore (they tend to be a lot of work, and I will be raising my rate by $1 next year to help account for inflation).

So do get your customs in ASAP! I really enjoy making customs for you, from the creativity that I can bring to your ideas, to making someone’s fetish fantasies come true, to knowing that you will probably enjoy it over and over again and have it as part of your treasured collection. It is the best! I love how when I make customs I learn so much about other fetishes and kinks through exploring them through your eyes. Here are some screenshots of various customs I’ve done recently.

Be sure to get your custom request in by August 31! Exclusivity options as well as other add ons like rush delivery are all part of the sale. My usual custom video turnaround is 1-3 weeks, depending on how many orders I have, how busy I am generally, and how complicated your request is. Other factors that could delay your custom are if you have an outfit our prop request that I don’t have, so if you have needs in that regard, reach out!

I’m open to many kinds of customs, browsing my clip stores will give you an idea of what I do, but you’re always welcome to inquire. I enjoy trying new things and discovering more together. Generally my specialities are BDSM (domme or sub), fetishes, and roleplay, but I also love to tease, use toys, and do POV sex. I’m mostly focusing on solo content these days, but partnered content is a possibility for some ideas, email me to find out more. sophiasylvan at gmail dot com.

Cam and Phone Availability!

Hey friends! It’s me, Sophia Sylvan, former cam girl returning to cam and phone! I’m committing to some cam and phone availability each week from here on out, but we can also schedule something to accommodate your needs if at all possible. My next availability will be Saturday, August 25th, from 7pm -11pm Eastern.

I will be available for indy cam shows via Skype, either via tip or CamModelDirectory for the time being. I can also do video calls on Sextpanther. My rates for indy cam are around $6/min and $2.25/min for phone. You can call me on Niteflirt or Sextpanther and I will be available for sexting and photo/vid exchanges too. I’m staying home this weekend when I normally go to the city, and I’m super busy packing up the porn studio to sell and it is kind of a bummer and a lot of work. I could use to destress with some kinky friends, so come join me to see the summer out in style!

The best thing is for you to email or message me about the show time and date you would prefer, and let me know what kind of show or call you are interested in. Hope to see you soon. I may also be doing a livestream on Onlyfans, TBA.

Switchcraft Updates

My membership site, Switchcraft, is a pet project where I showcase my favourite content from both sides of the slash. If you don’t know what a switch is, it is someone who enjoys power dynamics in sex, but is versatile. It means I enjoy sex as a domme and as a sub, but it depends on my mood and who I am playing with! I have videos of myself and my lovers spanning over 20 years on that site, and I update it every week. It is hard to keep up with letting you guys know about all the stuff I release, but I’m going to do my best! Switchcraft is only $19.99/month to join, and you get full length HD clips to either download or stream. I also have my photosets posted there too, the more “professional” ones, not so much the selfies that I post on my fan sites. I alternate posting a femdom vid one week and a femsub video the next. You can watch all the long trailers for my videos when you take the tour, and there is even a cheap trial option! If you find buying individual clips too often is out of your budget this is a great alternative for you.

In Rubberized, Bound, Whipped, and Used 1 & 2, I am a submissive bound in a latex catsuit with my arms above. I am balancing on tall platform boots and my leather Master comes in and flogs and fondles me. He fingers my holes open, and then sets the fucking machine up under my pussy to hammer me hard making me cum over and over. Then he drains his cum into my mouth while I squat on the floor. 17 min in total, HD video from 2013. This is a great one!

Watch the trailer for part 1 on Switchcraft

Watch the trailer for part 2 on Switchcraft

New Custom! Sloppy Kisses From Stepmother

Hey guys, I’m going to try to get back to featuring some of my favourite new clips, or those that deserve more attention here. This is a custom directed by a fan and it features stepmother roleplay, lipstick fetish, kissing, POV oral sex, and more. I play a good stepmother getting ready for a BBQ and you are watching me. I put on perfume and lipstick and we talk about how you used to like mommy’s affection when you were young. One thing leads to another and next thing we know, we are kissing on the lips, you’re getting mommy’s lipstick on your cock, and we are swapping your cum!

Available now in 4 formats at Clips4sale