Epic 2019 Christmas Content

I was in the creative holiday spirit this year, producing a lot of festive content. Perhaps since I spent much of the season alone, and I finally got back to releasing daily videos, it was something I could focus on pouring my abundant creative and sexual energy into!

I’ll start with my favourite and fill it in later if I can with descriptions, I’m having guests arrive in a few hours and lots to do!

Committed for Christmas
Fucking the Christmas Elf
Naughty All Year Long
Sneezes from Santa
Elf Executrix
Gifted 1
Mommy XXXMass
Solstice Satan
Christmas Pops

Giving and Receiving

Hello! Christmas is the time we show appreciation for each other with kindness, and often that comes in way of gift giving. I would like to give my fans something special this year, and that is a free 7 day trial to my subscription website, Onlyfans! It is already a steal at $9.99 a month, with daily updates in form of selfies, behind the scenes photos and videos, full length streaming mobile videos every 4 days, chatting in the DMs and more! You can even sext with me there for extra tips, and I regularly give out 50% off deals on clip sales to my fans there! But for one week only, it will all be free because I appreciate you. My current members will be getting spoiled in other ways. GET YOUR FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL TO MY ONLYFANS. Offer expires Jan 1, 2020, so hurry hurry!

Are you more of a giver than a taker? You can send me something from my Amazon.com Wishlist, I just might get it on time, it’s complicated but I have an address I send to a friend in the States who brings stuff to me once or twice a year. However, I’m always accepting amazon.ca and amazon.com gift cards, send them to sophiasylvan@gmail.com

If you would like a more personal, sexy gift card, I can always use and adore Secrets in Lace e-gift cards, it’s where I get my pinup lingerie, stockings that fit my curvy legs and I’m dying to try their blouses and pantyhose!

I would also really love e-gift certificates to my favourite latex shop, Polymorphe! You can use the email above for all gift certificates.

Holiday Fetish Porn Blast From the Past

Hi guys! I wanted to share some more cool porn from past years that I created for the holidays. Hope you enjoy! I’m making so much this year, more than ever, and having a lot of fun with it, I will share previews soon πŸ˜‰

First Christmas Alone Together is a taboo sensual Daddy-daughter POV fantasy
Christmas Cold is a fun roleplay where I play your wife, and we normally have sex on Xmas morning, but I have a cold! Turns out you don’t mind and you watch then cum on my face
Aunt Sophia’s Holiday Seduction is a fun MILF & pantyhose centred fantasy where I seduce my own nephew!
Christmas Under the Tree with Me is a very erotic masturbation session, GFE style with a satin slip and thigh high socks. Let’s cum together!
Christmas in the Convent: You’re in Catholic school over the holidays, and the hottest nun is beyond horny…
All I Want for Christmas is Cock. This request clip might not be what you expect from the title!

Christmas as a Sex Worker (and an Ex Pat)

I wanted to share a little about what it is like on the holidays as a sex worker, my personal experience as well as what I’ve observed over the 17 years I’ve been one. When I started out, I came to Canada undocumented (I’ve been a citizen now for several years) to be with the dominant man I met on the internet, way back in 2002. I started out my first Christmas travelling back to the USA to see my family, but then I got too scared. Things changed with the government and border crossing got more tight and I was afraid to be unable to get back into the country. I started sex work within months of arriving, since it was the only thing I could really do without papers. I soon found my footing in it though, as I’d always been a sexual person and I loved the attention, and the freedom and flexibility it gave me. And I’m including gifs and links to my Christmas clips of years past for fun and profit πŸ˜‰

Jingle Balls

My partner however, had two teenage kids and a wife he was separated from, but he would always go to spend the holidays with them. That meant that I spent Christmas and most holidays alone. I would usually turn on my webcam and sometimes made a lot of money on those days, but it was always a lonely business.

A Husband’s Christmas Punishment

None of my family knows what I do except my mom, who I’m really close with. So family occasions can be awkward for the sex worker, you either have to make up some lie, which I’m really uncomfortable with, or just dodge questions. Luckily my family isn’t very curious, but I know this is tough for many. Not all sex workers are privileged enough to be out to everyone. And if they do, they face stigmatization and estrangement and judgement very often.

The Christmas Executrix

Now that my husband is gone (he passed away suddenly this Spring, as I mentioned in my previous post) I’m finding myself making holiday clips and picking out presents for my lovers and my mom, remembering how my husband loved Christmas, despite being Jewish. It was one of the endearing things about him, his childlike love of holidays. He was all the family I had in Canada, and now he’s gone. It is for the best, as he was mentally ill (he had Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a severe form, I only found out too late) and an alcoholic.

Piece of Garbage Baby

I wanted to separate from him for years but he was blind and disabled and totally dependent on me. I used to cook grand English Christmas dinners for him, since he was also an exile, he was English and rarely would or could go visit his family. I won’t be making bread pudding or plum pudding anymore, thank God. But it feels weird still. I’m lucky enough that this year my mother can come visit me on Christmas Day, she works for the Post Office and this is their busiest time of year. I thought I would have to spend the day alone, which would be really depressing on my first Christmas as a widow.

Deck Your Balls

I’ve been preparing lots of Christmas clips, and I wanted to give a shout out to all the sex workers struggling at Christmas. Think of us. We are society’s outcasts, we are looked down upon, stigmatized, persecuted against in business and in so many ways, even targeted for assault and murder. Often we are estranged from our families and this can be the slowest time of year as many of our clients are with their families and spending their disposable income on gifts.

Stuffed for Mom

No one does holidays like sex workers. You may have noticed how we are all over every holiday for festive clips and thematic cam shows, with costumes and sets galore, we are brimming with creativity and cheer. But that can conceal a sadder story at times. Don’t forget to think of us. We are humans with real stories, too.

Customs Temporarily $10/min!

I know some of you guys struggled with my rate increase to $15/min for my solo vids, and now is your chance to get one at my old rate! The reason being is that I’ve had an extraordinarily tough year in my personal life, with multiple catastrophes, and because of that I’ve been unable to deliver customs reliably. I’m making very good content, better than I have in years, but I need time and understanding. When I increased my rate to $15/min to cover inflation, cost of living increases and my improved equipment and skills, I could not predict that life would make it that I sometimes took 2 months to deliver a custom order. Photos in this post recent from customs I’ve done this year.

I’m doing better now, but things have been so up and down this year that I don’t want to promise that I can deliver in 2 weeks or less, which has always been my goal for most customs. This rate is with the understanding that it could take 2 weeks or less, or it could take several weeks to receive your clip. I won’t be taking rush orders either.

For those who are curious and haven’t been following the saga on twitter, I had many setbacks in recent years, some good and many bad. I was working on being a professional artist, and I took a lot of time off sex work while I have been doing that. This is still a goal of mine, but it can’t be my primary focus, right now, I have to pay my bills.

Earlier this year my grandmother, who raised me in her house like her own, died after a brief illness and sudden dementia. Then I broke my leg in a sex accident with my new sub Hecate (yes really), and excessive snowfall collapsed part of my porn studio, and the cops and local authorities got involved. It was a debacle. I’ve been fighting with insurance companies and that still isn’t over but it is looking optimistic.

And last but surely not least, my partner of 17 years suddenly died in front of me in May. We had many troubles and were considering divorce, but he was still family to me, and the event was deeply traumatic. I’ve been healing and taking care of myself, but I have moderate PTSD, leaving me with chronic anxiety and fits of depression where I can’t work for weeks at a time.

I would love to take your orders, however, since I’m back to work full time now and my creativity is burgeoning! My equipment is top notch and I’ve been filming at home with my rooms freshly painted and redecorated as I’ve been nesting at home and recovering.

This new rate does not apply to my girl-girl or guy-girl customs, as those are delivered within a month guaranteed.

Take advantage of this offer now, as I have been feeling better, but I want to feel better for 2 months+ before I raise my rates back up to $15/min and am assured I can deliver customs in a timely fashion. In all likelihood you will get yours in 2-3 weeks, but I can’t promise.

To order, read my custom video FAQ, where you can find payment options.